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Best AuPair

Au pair in Netherlands

Official Au Pair in Netherlands Program Information

 There is an official program to become an au pair in Netherlands. Being an au pair in Netherlands is considered a cultural exchange. To become an au pair in Netherlands, you and your host family must engage a recognised sponsor au pair agency to assist with your stay in Netherlands. Different visa rules apply for coming to Netherlands depending on your nationality.


Au Pair in Netherlands Mandatory Criteria

  • Be between 18-30 years of age. You may turn 31 during your stay in Netherlands 
  • Be neither married nor have dependants
  • Neither constitute a risk to public order nor have a criminal record
  • Not have previously had an au pair/cultural exchange residence permit
  • Not have worked for the same family abroad
  • Be willing to stay for between minimum 3 and maximum 12 months
  • The host family and au pair must sign a contract


Host Family in Netherlands Mandatory Criteria

  • The family must have at least one child under 18 living with the family
  • They must support the au pair during their stay in Netherlands
  • The family must have sufficient income to support themselves and the au pair 
  • The family must draw up a daily schedule
  • The family must be willing to pay for and allow the au pair to participate in a language course
  • The family must pay for medical, accident and au pair insurance for the au pair
  • The family must pay the bulk of the fees charged by the official au pair agency. The au pair is only allowed to pay a maximum of 34 Euros in application fees to become an au pair in Netherlands


Au Pair in Netherlands General Information


Pocket Money

  • An au pair in Netherlands is paid approximately 300-340 Euros per month pocket money


Working hours, free time and holidays

  • An au pair in Netherlands may only work a maximum of 30 hours per week, consisting of maximum 8 hours per day and no more than 5 days per week. Babysitting hours must be included in these 30 hours. Au pairs are not permitted to work extra hours for additional pocket money 
  • An au pair in Netherlands gets 2 full days free time per week (they do not have to be consecutive) and we recommend at least 1 weekend off per month
  • An au pair in Netherlands gets 2 weeks paid holiday for a 12-month stay. Holidays for shorter stays are to be calculated based on 2 weeks paid holiday per 12-month stay


Accommodation and meals

  • An au pair in Netherlands is provided with their own room, 3 meals per day and free access to the family home. This also applies during illness and during the au pair's holidays 

Travel costs

  • The au pair must pay all travel costs
  • Please refer to our Travel Partners for discounts on flights and travel insurance


Language skills and course

  • Either Dutch or English is compulsory
  • It is not essential for an au pair in Netherlands to attend a language course however an au pair should be given the opportunity to participate in a Dutch language course. It is expected that the host family will pay up to 320 Euros towards the cost of the course and assist the au pair in finding a suitable course. It is expected the host family will also include the au pair in various Dutch cultural activities during their stay


Length of stay

  • An au pair in Netherlands can stay for up to 12 months



  • The host family must provide basic health insurance, which covers standard visits to GPs and specialists, hospital visits and pharmacy expenses. This compulsory insurance is referred to as "basisverzekering". The host family must also provide au pair insurance with accident and liability cover, medical repatriation and baggage cover. Host families are advised to find an insurance plan specifically designed for hosting an au pair 


Job Duties

  • Au pair in Netherlands duties include child care and light housework



  • If you are required to drive as an au pair in Netherlands, you will need to have a valid driver's licence
  • If the au pair is required to drive, we recommend the host family seek an au pair who is an experienced, confident driver. You may like to consider providing a couple of driving lessons when the au pair arrives. Also inquire with your car insurance company if the au pair can be added to the policy. The au pair and host family should discuss what happens if the au pair has a car accident, who pays etc. and have your agreements put in the contract 
  • Non-EU au pairs are only permitted to drive in Netherlands on their foreign license for 6 months. If the au pair is required to drive after this time, they have 2 options. They must either obtain a Dutch driving license, which requires passing a written and practical test. Costs will incur for these tests. We recommend the host family pay these costs. Alternately the au pair can exchange their foreign license for a Dutch license. For more information about this, please see the RDW (Dutch Transport Authority) website


Visa Information  

Once a host family and au pair agree on a placement together, the host family then engages an au pair agency officially recognised by the IND (Dutch Immigration Office) to assist both the au pair and host family for the duration of the placement and with all visa applications etc. 


Visa application requirements vary slightly depending on your nationality. 


For EU and EFTA nationals, the engaged au pair agency will apply for your stay as an au pair. After you arrive in Netherlands, your host family will accompany you to the local council office and register you at the GBA (Personal Records Database).


The au pair must present their passport or identity card and an officially translated copy of their birth certificate.


Along with providing support to the au pair and host family during the entire placement, the au pair agency will also provide a contract for both parties to sign.


Please also note that it is possible for EU nationals to work in Netherlands as a regular employee and receive a wage. However it is not permitted to enter the Netherlands as an au pair via this means. Being an au pair is considered a cultural exchange and therefore not the same as regular employment. EU nationals can work in Netherlands and earn minimum wage, but not working as an au pair.


For all other non-EU nationals, once a placement has been agreed and an officially recognised au pair agency engaged by the host family, the au pair agency will begin the application process to become an au pair in Netherlands. At this point it is important to make sure the au pair's passport will be valid for an additional 6 months after the intended stay in Netherlands.


The au pair agency will begin an Entry and Residence Procedure (TEV). This will include applying for a Temporary Residence Permit (MVV) and/or a Residence Permit Regular (VVR). 


Nationals from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, USA and Vatican City only need to apply for a VVR and not an MVV.


The au pair agency will inform the au pair when the application has been approved. The MVV will need to be collected from the au pair's local Dutch embassy or consulate.


The VVR is to be collected from the Dutch Immigration Office (IND) once the au pair arrives in Netherlands. The au pair and host family must then go to the local council office and register the au pair at the GBA (Personal Records Database). The au pair must present their VVR, passport and an officially translated copy of their birth certificate.


And finally, within 3 months of arriving in Netherlands, the au pair must undergo a test for tuberculosis. Nationals from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, USA and Vatican City are exempt from this test.


For more information, please consult the engaged au pair agency.


Additional Information

You can find additional information about being an au pair in Netherlands in the websites listed in the Relevant links section in the right panel of this page.


Whilst TheBestAupair information is checked periodically, we recommend you check official government websites for the latest information as the responsibility to follow the relevant laws rests with you.


If you have any comments regarding this page, please Email us - we value your feedback!

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